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When ALOI=0, ALI=10

Means when the flow rate higher than 10L/min, it alarms,
When ALOI=1, ALI=10
Means when the flow rate lower than 10L/min, it alarms, 

When dot=1, the dispaly show 000.0, one decimal, 
when dot=2, the display show 00.00, two decimal.
HYSI: hysteresis error of instrument
When ALOI=0, ALI=10 HYSI=1,
Means when the flow rate faster than 10L/min, it alarms, but when the flow rate falls back to 10L/min, alarm doesn't stop, but to 10-1=9L/min, it stops.
When HYSI=2, alarm stops at 8L/min.
FLTR: Filter: when the value is bigger, the frequency of reading speed is slower. We never change that.
Means the bigger the FLTR value, the slower meter reads the frequency. 
Usually meter reads frequency every second.
The frequency is in direct proportion of the flow rate.
Usually, The frequency is several times the flow rate.
Take USC-HS21TI for example, the frequency is 11 times the actual flow rate.
If you need more accurate flow rate, you need to calibrate the number 11, may be 11.5 suits best.
K3: the formula is: display number=(frequency+K3)*K1/K2
ACC: Total volume alarm value, when ACC=9999, that means when the total reaches 9999L, alarm rise

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