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How to calibrate US208MA?


US208MA can connect with any of our hall flow sensor to counter the frequency, calculate the flow rate and show by digital display.
The frequency  is in direct proportion with the flow rate.

US208MA can set the alarm value for the pulse or flow rate, when the current value reach or fall out the default alarm value, the alarm will rise.

When to calibrate US208MA,You need to measure the "actual total volume(ATV)" in a certain time, like 1 minute. and calculate the "display total volume(DTV)"=display flow rate*time.

The actual K2 value is DTV*current K2/ATV.
We have formula for every model flow sensor, for USC-HS21TI, the formula is F=11Q; F is frequency, Q is flow rate, unit is L/min. K2=11.
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