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Hall Effect Sensor

 The Hall Effect Sensor serves as a simple, but versatile 

sensor for Flow Technology positive displacement 
flowmeters. It is an integrated circuit device activated 
by magnetic field reversals. The magnets in the 
impellers of a positive displacement flowmeter trigger 
the latching circuit in the sensor, which in turn 
transmits a square-wave pulse to any connected signal 
conditioner, monitoring device, or controller. The 
sensor can handle a broad range of input frequencies 
and operating conditions. The IS160-01 combines 
the sensitivity of a Hall Effect Sensor with the durability
and easy installation of a Micro-C connector. The quickdisconnect fitting makes installation and maintenance 
quick and effortless. Simply screw the sensor body into 
a Flow Technology positive displacement flowmeter, 
plug in the cable, and lock firmly in place with a few 
twists of the connector coupling nut.

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