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GFS21TN Brass Gravity Water Flow Switch Female Both Ends 10W Max


GFS21TN Brass Gravity Water Flow Switch 130V 10W 2 wire low power consumption with filter in inlet Female Ends

This flow switch need to work with a relay to avoid being burnt.

These flow switches offer you the rugged reliability of time-tested flow-metering techniques with the automatic safeguard of protecting motors, pumps and other process equipment against damage due to low flow or no flow disruptions.

They automatically activate/deactivate electrical circuits to:

Start auxiliary pumps and motors

Actuate emergency alarms, sound buzzers, flash warning lights

Shut off production machines, water-cooled engines or other process equipment when flow is interrupted

Shut down burners, boilers or other process heaters if air flow fails

They can also automatically control flow in:

Chemical Processing

Heating/Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Machinery & Machine Tool

Liquid Transfer

Food Processing


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